Victorian Solid Shutters – Quick Glance

Most of the Victorian homes had solid shutters on their doors and windows. Two parts of the shutters could be folded back into the groove to lock the window completely when not in use. Other than to keep the lights out, these shutters had two major use. Firstly, they provided excellent insulation to maintain the inside temperature. Secondly, they provided unmatched features, often doubling up as safety instrument to keep intruders out. When curtains became popular, there shutters were ignored. However, in the last decade, we noticed an increasing number of home owners using this type of shutters again instead of blinds and curtains. On certain homes, the solid panels add beauty as well.

We have modernised the Victorian design and our solid shutters are not exact replicas of the original one which used to be elaborate and often huge. We also provide the framework on which to mount the panels.

There are two different types of solid wooden shutters, the solid raised version and the solid shaker version.

The shaker style comes with certain range of finish and also cost a little more as it is made with premium FSC certified material.

The solid raised version is more easily available and carries a strong grain finish. It is made of hardwood and can fit almost any budget. While you can choose stained finish nor natural wooden look, you can also opt for painted colours.

In terms of light and privacy control, solid panel are rather rigid. However, the insulation and security feature of this type of shutter is simply unmatched.

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