The Types of Window Blinds

Window blinds are an attractive alternative to the routine curtains, for your office as well as home. They not just check sun light, and offer you privacy, but are also extensively used as an element of interior decoration.

The window blinds that are found these days are beautifully designed and sure are a great addition to any home. By adopting them, you get style as well as functionality.

The Types:

There are scores of window blind varieties found in the market. And for the best buy, you can look for Blinds in London. You can select from options like up and down blinds, roman blinds, venetian blinds, wooden blinds, paper blinds etc. The best thing is that you can also customize them with accessories like braids, crystal beaded decorative trimmings, poles, pulls and the like.

Some of these blinds are more popular than the others and the way they look and function are also different from the rest. For instance, venetian blinds are stylish and they adapt to a room’s décor seamlessly. They are generally made of horizontal slats of plastic or metal, which remain connected to each other with cords. Angle of these slats can be adjusted to regulate the amount of light passing through them. While, venetian blinds use horizontal slats, there are certain blinds that use vertical slats as well. Vertical blinds don’t hold much dust because of gravity. But they run the risk of breaking or collapsing at the bottom. There are scores of varieties other than these; and each function uniquely.

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