The Beauty And Flexibility Of Wooden Plantation Shutters

Window treatments come in many flavours but none are as desirable in terms of the beauty and flexibility of wooden plantation shutters.

Their quality, style, appearance and functionality set them apart from all other window treatment choices. They will enhance your desired interior design and colour scheme while effectively complementing the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Wooden plantation shutters:

It is a well-established fact that wooden plantation shutters command a richly-deserved seal of approval from interior designers the world over. Their timeless appeal offers a crisp, clean and cohesive look regardless of the period in which your home was designed.

Quality wooden plantation shutters appeal whether they are installed in a traditionally designed home or one of today’s ultra-modern living spaces that reflect the lifestyle of trendsetter across the globe.

Not just a pretty sight:

Shutter adjustment comes in a variety of ways. They can be positioned to allow natural light into the home or to block it out. If angled in a particular way this will prevent anyone outside from peering in but will still allow those inside to look out.

Ventilation with privacy:

Plantation shutters have been designed to allow full window opening. This allows varying degrees of fresh air into the area in question while still giving complete privacy to those inside thanks to the shutter adjustment functions mentioned above.

It is true that this type of privacy can be achieved with most types of blinds but such designs often create distracting rattling sounds as the wind blows through them. They can also bang against frames and glass as wind strength fluctuates. The solid design of plantation shutters raises none of these issues.

Interior design considerations:

We touched on the fact that quality wooden plantation shutters fit seamlessly into most room designs and colour schemes. While this is true it is also worth bearing in mind that opting for shutters in a white or neutral colour is recommended for those who re-decorate on a very regular basis.

This is because white and neutral shutters will blend seamlessly with the vast majority of colour schemes you decide upon.

Some households have to contend with window fittings that face outer areas that are darker than normal.

Bearing this in mind it is worthwhile remembering that plantation shutters are visible from the inside as well as the outside of your home. In this case stained shutters may complement these areas more effectively than white ones.

Warm and cosy – bold and breezy:

The addition of plantation shutters to a home gives an immediate impression of warmth and cosyness. By choosing a rich, warm and mellow colour scheme you will enhance this impression.

Some areas of the household may deserve bold, striking colours to achieve a desired look and feel. That being the case, plantation shutters will integrate and enhance the desired finish.

Interior design and decor limitations:

By investing in these superior shutters, you are releasing the catches on a realm of interior design ideas and matching colour schemes.

The beauty and flexibility of wooden plantation shutters in such designs is limited only by imagination.

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