Solid Wood Shutters: A Timeless Tradition That Always Inspires Passion!

The solid wooden shutter has been around since the dawn of time and it displays excellent health. The timeless qualities of wood and its insensitivity to the outrage of time, if properly protected and maintained, continue to make it the first component of the shutter, in front of the shutter made of PVC, aluminium and other new materials. Here is everything you need to know about the solid wood shutters in London before equipping doors and windows of your home, apartment, residence or country house.

In the range of flaps we distinguish vertical flaps of varying thickness; 27 and 32mm, for the most common, and 54mm for the Provencal shutters with crossed blades, some as the Gardois are equipped with special gear. Then there are the louvered shutters, made with different types of blades; Rounded for the American model, flat front in the shape of parallelogram for the model to the European.

An unusual resistance appreciable when a badly hung shutter slams on a facade in period High wind and an effective barrier or delaying factor sometimes deterrent during attempted break-ins. Finally, one can plan, retouch, or even cut a piece so that it perfectly marries the existing openings of an existing structure. PVC or aluminium does not have this ability to adapt to old architecture.

From an aesthetic and decorative point of view, the solid wood shutters in London has a traditional aspect remains a sure value. Aesthetic qualities that are increasingly exploited that allow personalizing the shutters at the request of the client In short, the wooden shutter lends itself to all the fantasies and traditional as well as contemporary designs.

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