Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters – Yet another way to add real style to your home or office. Plantation Shutters instantly evoke visions of sleepy afternoons in the blazing Mediterranean sun beneath deep blue skies.

Plantation Shutters are of course vital in keeping the harshest of the midday heat out of buildings in Southern Europe. In Britain they will do the same in high summer, but in winter their role changes and they will then help to block out the cold and keep in the warmth.

But it’s not all about function and necessity – shutters look fantastic, whether used in conjunction with blinds or curtains or on their own. They can change the whole architecture of a building.

With interior shutters you can adjust the light manually or automatically with our revolutionary remote control options. Our wooden shutters look equally beautiful from inside and outside, in contrast to the drab look of curtain linings. For an overview of different installations visit our image gallery. Made to measure shutters and blinds increase the intrinsic value of your house and they’re long lasting.

Shutters are easy to use and easy to clean. If you suffer from dust allergies, you’ll love them too.

With the UK’s largest range of shutter frames, colours, louvre sizes, paint and stain finishes the choice is yours. We can use movable louvres, or slats, which operate a little like Venetian blinds, and which are generally called Plantation Shutters, or you can choose fixed ones. You can even go for the Victorian solid shutter look!!!!

Here at Complete Shutters, we have a wide selection of Plantation shutters to choose from. Contact the experts on 020 3418 8877 to book a FREE IN HOUSE SURVEY TODAY or visit our showroom for more details.

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