Plantation Shutters or Blinds – Which Should You Choose for Your Home?

The window covering you choose for your home plays a crucial role. Window treatments will affect the style, overall aesthetics and even the window functionality therein. In light of this, taking time to choose the right options is the way forward. The two most popular window treatments or covers are plantation shutters and blinds. Each of these options come with their own sets of merits and demerits. If you are looking to discover which cover is better, consider the following information and then make an informed decision.

Plantation shutters

Shutters are usually attached to the window frame to form a very study structure. How they are fitted in your window forms the main difference with blinds. There are several benefits that you will tap into when you choose plantation shutters and below is an insight;


They are very versatile no matter the style of your home, they add a classy appeal that is timeless.

They are highly durable and with proper care, they can last up to 50 years
Owing to their structure and fit, they add value to your home.

They fit perfectly to the window frame and to this end, there is no need for cords or chains which can be a hazard for children.

Shutters are the best when it comes to home insulation, this is because of how they are installed to provide effective cover.

Shutters do not wear easily and in this regard, they demand very low maintenance.

In the market, you will find a wide range of plantation shutter materials including pvc, wood and faux wood.

They are great when it comes to ventilation and light control in your home.


In regard to the cost of initial purchase, shutters are more expensive than blinds In nature, they are heavy and may not work with some window styles and designs. Compared to blinds, shutters will take up more window space. To install shutters, it will take longer compared to blinds


As alluded to above, blinds are usually attached above the window recess or to the inside. Chords and chains will be used to operate them accordingly. Blinds are very popular with homeowners and below are some of the top benefits;


Compared to shutters, blinds are much more affordable. They are more versatile regarding design, style and color of any home.

Blinds are made using a variety of materials that are suited to any environment including pvc. If you need optimal light control in your house, they can be adjusted accordingly. They also offer some level of insulation to your home


Cleaning and maintaining them is harder compared to shutters. Moisture and UV rays can damage blinds easily. Blinds need to be replaced often compared to shutters and last up to 5 years.

They are not as elaborate as plantation shutters

Which option is best for your home?

This question does not have a singular answer. Some homeowners may prefer shutters owing to their overwhelming merits. Some people may not afford shutters and may prefer blinds. Shutters and blinds can make great window coverings to your delight. Considering the pros and cons will help you choose an option that will work for you best.

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