What You Need To Know About Solid Wood Shutters

Wood is the first material used for shutters, far ahead of aluminium and PVC. If you are looking into getting shutters for your home or office, take a look of what solid wood shutters in London have in store for you first.

Wood shutter - benefits: aesthetics and insulation

  • Aesthetic: elegant, both for modern houses and old homes
  • The best insulation: wood is the best thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Good security level
  • Environmental protection: natural and recyclable product

Good maintenance for your solid wood shutters in London is the key to longevity for your wooden shutters. Upon purchase, the shutters are treated with IFH (insecticide, fungicide and water repellent). It is imperative to apply paint or stain to them within 3 months after purchase. Then, this operation is to be renewed once every 6 years for painting, and once every 3 years on average for staining. If your flaps are turned to the west, maintenance should be more regular.

Two ranges of quality and price:

  • Hardwood: exotic wood and oak. They are harder and better quality wood. They will last longer than fir, but their price will therefore be higher.
  • The fir: it is a standard wood and affordable. It is available in several thicknesses to promote the safety of your windows. Less hard and tough.

Wood shutter - price

Do not buy first options: A shutter is subjected to strong constraints: opening and bad weather thus prefer the quality, in the end you will profit from it. The prices vary significantly, have 2 quotations and compare.

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