Knowing About the Material and Shapes of Window Shutters in London

If you are thinking about installing wooden shutters or plantation shutters in London, then in this blog you will get some valuable advice that you might be looking for.

Shutter Materials

First of all you must know about the options available to you in terms of shutter material:

•    Silk wood Shutter: These are hard shutters and cost effective.

•    Hard solid wooden shutters: These are strongest and great value to the money.

•    Teak Shutters: These are made of teak wood and thus a premium quality product.

•    Pearl wood Shutters: These are made of Paulownia tree and are light weighted.

•    Permawood Shutters: These shutters made of ABS plastic. It is suitable for rooms in humid areas or for wet rooms.

•    MDF Shutters: MDF shutters in London are quite popular, because these are affordable and highly resistant to cracking, chipping, fading and warping.

Shutter Shapes

In terms of design also, you will find a huge variety. You need to inspect your roam properly and decide what shutter design will look good for your room. For understanding that, you can take help of some interior designer or can check online videos and design templates. Following are the most common shapes or designs available for shutters in London:

•    Full Height Shutters: It covers the complete window by width and height. It has two doors.

•    Tier on Tier Shutters: It also covers the complete window by width and height, but there are four doors, so you can keep the half shutter open and half closed or all four closed or open.

•    Solid Panels Shutters: In these shutters, you will have the option to convert ventilation into complete solid blinds.

•    Cafe Style or half Shutters: These shutters cover the window by half height and full width.

•    Special Shapes Shutters: These shutter shapes are customized as per your requirement.

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