Judge a Plantation Shutter From The Offered Warranty

Plantation shutters are available at different price ranges. If you are not a professional shutter buyer, you wouldn't know how to differentiate the bad shutters from the better ones. There are number of factors you can compare to judge the plantation shutters before making the purchase. We will try to explain one such factor in this blog.

We will take wooden plantation shutters into consideration because there are other materials whose characteristics vary greatly from one another and covering them all in one blog is simply not possible. Comparing them against each other would be like comparing an apple against an orange.

The first thing you should look for is the duration of the warranty. See, if a plantation shutter company is confident about its product’s durability, it will offer a longer warranty, isn't it? While minimum 10 years is offered by many agencies, some of them go as long as 25 years as well. Some of the sellers offer lifetime warranty where lifetime is the lifespan of the original purchaser. As plantation shutters are built to last for decades and people often change home, some companies have started to offer transferable warranties which pass on to the next owner of the house.

You should check a warranty for three things. The duration is the first thing which is better if longer. Secondly, see what are covered under the warranty as many companies exclude the finish and other components. Finally, make sure it’s an established company which will be there after decades if you need them.

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