How to Pick Window Treatments for your Home

Window treatments for your home are very important. In some cases, these treatments are not considered as a priority. However, living in a space that has poor window covering is not a pleasant experience. Therefore, to avoid surprises, it is critical to plan ahead and consider the right treatment for your windows. There are several things that you will be looking for in the right treatment; including light control, privacy, noise control and overall aesthetics. To this end, you must know your options. Consider the merits and demerits before making a decision. Below is a guide on how to pick window treatments.

Consider window treatments that suit your budget

You cannot invest more than you have in window treatments. Therefore, looking at your options will mean considering the cost. The most cost-effective window treatment option are blinds. They are highly functional and can cost as little as $5 for an average window. Blinds are usually made out of wood or metal. You can also consider aluminum and stock vinyl mini-blinds. Because they are highly functional and cheap, they work great in rental spaces as well. They offer great privacy but when it comes to aesthetics, you may want to look at other options. However, to add some spice to your window treatments, go for faux wood or woven blinds; they come in a more pleasing style.

If you are big on aesthetics, consider a custom window treatment

Window treatments that are highly appealing will add more value to your home. In addition, they will have more functional features. If you do not mind digging deeper into your pocket, consider custom options like shutters. They are great in creating a custom style that will transform your home. However, they are some of the priciest in the market. Having said this, you can look for shutters that are cheaper. Once you have them installed, they will not only last longer; but maintaining them will be easy as well.

For a more traditional look, consider using curtains

Curtains are certainly some of the most popular window treatments. This is a more traditional way of doing things. Ready-made curtains are affordable and measuring them for your windows is not complicated at all. However, you might want to choose your fabrics and patterns wisely. Curtains come in all manner of shapes, sizes, textures and patterns. Overall, they need to work with your chosen decor. Therefore, curtains that meet your personal requirements will work great. If you prefer custom curtains, be prepared to pay more.

Explore shades for your window treatment

Also called 'soft' treatments for your space, shades are becoming more popular. The only major downside is that light control is harder compared to using blinds. They do not have light filtering adjustments. However, you can choose the level of opacity with every shade you choose. There are three main types of shades including roller, Roman and cellular shades. You can choose to have more layers of shades to make your space more energy efficient. Knowing more about your options will help you choose what works for you.

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