How to Measure Windows for Shutters

When you want to buy plantation shutters for your windows, it is paramount to measure the windows accurately. Getting an estimated measurement will help you determine the shutters' price per square foot as they are sold. Measuring is not complicates at all for most windows; with a few tools, you will easily measure the length and width of the window to the nearest eighth of an inch.

This article shows you how to go about measuring your windows for shutters in the simplest manner possible. First though, keep in mind that windows come in different types. Measuring for each window type is imperative as guided below.

How to measure square and rectangular windows for shutters

Before you begin, you will need a few things including a pencil, paper and a metal measuring tape. These window shapes are the simplest when it comes to measuring; however, you must strive to be as accurate as possible. Start by measuring the horizontal side or the width. Do this by capturing the values in three different window spots which are the centre, near the top and near the bottom. When you have the three, mark them down to the nearest eight of an inch. Repeat this process with the vertical side or the length. Taking three values for each measurement is critical because no square or rectangle is perfect. Remember, you will need to capture the smallest measurement for the inside shutter mount and the largest for the outside shutter mount. This is the best way to capture all the elements.

Measure arched and semicircle windows for shutters

Specialty shaped windows like circular, arched and octagon windows can be tricky to measure for shutters. Having said this, following the right guide will help you and this is how to measure arched and semicircle windows. At the flat bottom, start by measuring the width. Make sure to record the nearest eight of an inch while measuring the window opening only. Divide the width measurement into two for height to get the halfway point of the window. From the half way point, measure the window to the top and record to the nearest eight of an inch. This will give you a good estimate for the shutters.

Measure elongated arched windows

These are like rectangular and circular window hybrids. They come with rounded corners and a taller arch. They also have a flat wide bottom. Therefore, you must approach the measuring systematically. Start by measuring the arch's width. Then, measure the lengths which are the vertical parts before the window curves into an arch. From the middle of the width, get the maximum height of the window then subtract from the height. All these should be captured to the nearest eight of an inch.

Full circle and octagon windows

Because of their complicated nature, measuring such windows will present with greater difficulty. To this end, finding accurate measurements can be elusive if you are not an expert. The best thing is to use professional help so that you avoid making mistakes. Instead of making guesses while measuring the windows for shutters, seeking help from an expert is the way to go.

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