Conservatory Blinds Highlight Your Recreational Space

Carefully selected conservatory blinds highlight your recreational space and enhance a room that should be viewed as a relaxing, comfortable and welcoming space in which to spend time.

Here are some important factors to bear in mind when deciding on the type, design and color of conservatory blinds.

Type of blinds:

This consideration should be at the top of your list. While there are a variety of different blind types to choose from, those that regularly find favor in a conservatory are:

Venetian Blinds:

When used in a conservatory setting you should plump for venetian blinds made from aluminum. This is because PVC or wooden blinds are not best suited to withstanding the demanding and varying temperature changes of a conservatory.

Aluminum blinds will also afford a better sense of privacy thanks to the tilt and visibility options offered. They are cleaned easily and aluminum will not discolor.

In terms of weight, they are quite light. This means no real strain will be placed on the conservatory structure.

Other pluses are that this type of blind is relatively inexpensive and gives good insulation. The downside is that many people think this type of blind is unattractive and can detract from the surrounding fixtures, fittings and furnishings.

Pleated Blinds:

This type of blind covers just the glass and allows easy control in terms of the levels of sun, glare, light and heat entering your conservatory. It is true that due to the design of pleated blinds you will generally need more blinds to cover all glass, but the flexibility offered more than makes up for this.

Roller Blinds:

Another popular choice for conservatories. As well as being very functional, they are attractive and can add abundant style to your space. They offer privacy and allow you to control light into the room. Quality-made roller blinds give warmth to keep you cozy during those chilly winter months.


This is another important factor when choosing conservatory blinds. Thankfully, different styles of blinds also come in a wide range of colors and shades. Think carefully about how you have furnished the conservatory and choose blinds that blend in with your setting.

Don’t forget roof blinds!

It is only natural that you will want to hang shades on your conservatory windows and doors, but you should also consider whether you want roof blinds as well.

If the decision is “Yes”, you will be pleased to know there is a good range available. In terms of style and color these can match or complement your window blinds.

Something to bear in mind if your conservatory has a high glass ceiling; you would do well to consider automatic opening/closing blinds.

Careful consideration will bring out the best:

The type of blinds you decide upon will have a large helping of personal preference. Take a good look at how the room is furnished and the type of flooring installed.

Think about practicalities such as insulation, privacy and light control and go for blinds in colors that achieve a relaxing yet cozy ambience.

By taking these considerations into account it will ensure that newly installed conservatory blinds highlight your recreational space. In turn, this will make a very relaxing space even more pleasurable to spend time in.

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